Ogun State has both geographical and logistics advantages that enable it the opportunity to become a true agricultural powerhouse in the West Africa region.

Natural Logistics Hub

Ogun State shares borders with Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Lagos States (the commercial capital of Nigeria), in addition to Benin Republic. This has strategic positioning gives Ogun State the competitive advantage for logistics and export as a gateway to Lagos, the rest of Nigeria and West African sub-region. The international airport and busy port of Lagos are about 80km to Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

Good Environmental Conditions

Ogun State has high average daily temperatures throughout the year. Coupled with the State’s high levels of rainfall it makes for a good, accommodating conditions for agriculture.

Water Bodies

Adequate water bodies to provide all-year round irrigation.


Ogun State’s 1.2 Million ha of arable land or spread across a diverse agricultural landscape, allowing for a wide variety of potential food and cash crops.


In actualization of the Government’s vision of agricultural production and industrialization of the State, the Government is putting in place strategies to assist and enhance the development and growth of the sub-sector. These strategies include;

  • Access to land/security:Ogun State has developed simple and fast land allocation system and ensures security of investors.
  • Land Clearing and Mechanization:Availability of land clearing, preparation and mechanization equipment (bulldozers and tractors with implements).
  • Inputs availability and delivery:Easy access to agricultural inputs through Agro-Services Corporation and other private Agro-dealers in the State.
  • Provision of Extension Services:Training of Farmers and dissemination of information on best agricultural practices by Extension Agents in the State.
  • Access to finance:Information on loans available to Farmers through various financing schemes.
  • Infrastructure:Rural infrastructure such as roads, irrigation system and storage facilities that support agricultural production and industrialization.
  • Data gathering and information dissemination:Up-to-date agricultural data and statistics through various agents of Government.
  • Continuous Dialogue with stakeholders (farmer groups, industry, Federal Government, development partners, etc.)



 The State’s agricultural potential is rich, due to its comparative advantage in cash and food crops, poultry and fisheries. Considering the population of Ogun State, the enormous supply deficit of Agro-Allied Industries and the opportunities (gaps) in the different value chains, the market potential runs to hundreds of millions of Naira.

Cashew · Abeokuta North

· ImekoAfon LGA

· Odeda LGA

· Yewa North

· Juice

· Nuts

· Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Processing mills and packaging

Cassava Across the State · Garri

· Fufu

· Lafun

· High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF)

· Cassava chips

· Ethanol

· Industrial starch


Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Processing mills

· Provision of efficient transportation system for timely evacuation of produce so as to curb post-harvest losses.

Citrus (Oranges, Grape fruit, Tangerine etc) Across the State · Fresh fruit

· Fruit juice

· Citrus pulp and meal

· Peel oil

· Citric and Lactic Acid

· Vinegar

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Processing machinery and packaging

Cocoa · Ipokia North LGA

· Odeda, LGA

· Ijebu North East

· Cocoa butter

· Cocoa powder

· Cocoa liquor

· Mulch

· Jam

· Potash

· Cocoa husk

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Processing machinery and packaging

Cotton · IwoyeKetu in ImekoAfon

· Imala in Abeokuta North,

· Imasai in Yewa North LGAs


· Fabrics

· Jutes bags

· Cotton seeds

· Cotton lint

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Ginnery for processing

Maize Across the State · Pop corn

· Sweet corn

· Livestock feeds

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Machinery for processing

Oil palm · Ipokia LGA

· Odeda LGA

· Ijebu North-East LGA

· Oke-Odan

· Odogbolu

· Ado-odo Ota LGA

· Sawonjo

· Soap

· Palm oil

· Palm Kernel Oil

· Palm Kernel Cake

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Processing mills

Rice · Ode-Omi

· Imobi

· Onidundu

· Ime-Owuro (Upland Rice)

· Imope

· Eggua

· Ewekoro

· Rice grain

· Rice bran

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Machinery for processing

Soyabeans · Abeokuta North LGA

· Yewa North LGA

· Ifonyintedo

· Soya bean

· Soya bean cake

· Soya oil

· Soya milk

Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Machinery for processing

Tomatoes · Imeko-Afon  LGA

· Yewa South LGA

· Ijebu North East LGA

· Tomato paste Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Green House Technology

· Processing machinery and packaging

Fishery Across the State · Table size Fish

· Fish meal

Investments in:

· Large scale Catfish and Tilapia production

· Earthen ponds and cage culture

· Industrial kilns and processing equipment

· Cold Chain Storage

· Packaging

· Feed production and other input

Poultry Across the State · Parent Stock

· Breeders

· Broiler

· Layers

· Turkey


Investments in:

· Large scale production

· Machinery for farm operations

· Cold Chain Storage

· Processing equipment and essential inputs such as cage and pen

· Feed production


Land allocation for agricultural, commercial and Industrial uses in the state is the responsibility of the existing four government agencies namely:

  • Ogun State Bureau of Lands & survey
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ogun Property and Investment Corporation (OPIC)
  • Ogun State Housing Corporation

The Government through these agencies will ensure that land is promptly approved for commercial, agricultural and Industrial purposes.



  • Application
  • Interview
  • Approval


STAGE 1 Letter of Intent to Ministry of Agriculture  
  Collection of Application form and applicable fees Available on:


· One-Stop-Shop

· Ministry of Agriculture

Payment Made at Submission

i.    Individual (fees apply)
ii.    Corporate (fees apply)
  Submission of Form and necessary Documents  
i. *OGSG Tax Clearance for 3 consecutive years
ii. 3 years Developmental Levy
iii. Bank Statement (last 3 months)
iv. Feasibility report/ Business Plan Applicable to Corporate Applicants
v. Certificate of Incorporation Applicable to Corporate Applicants
vi. Company’s Memorandum of Association Applicable to Corporate Applicants
vii. Personal Profile of Directors of the Company Applicable to Corporate Applicants
STAGE 2 Interview
STAGE 3 Approval  
STAGE 4 Issuance of letter of allocation
i. Provisional Letter of Allocation Applicant expected to complete the following
i **   Payment of Premium Fee and Annual Ground Rent
ii ***Production of Survey Plan & Crop Enumeration
iii Crop Compensation
Ii Final Letter of Allocation Issuance upon completion of stage 4(i) above



Individual applicant – less than or equal to 20 hectares; Corporate applicant – 20 hectares and above.

* If not OGSG, clearance from OGIRS is acceptable

** Annual Ground Rent= N5,000/hectare. Premium Fee= N5,000/hectare

*** Information available @ Bureau of Lands & Survey and Ministry of Agriculture

The rates given above are present rates which is subject to review as need arises

 Some of the Agro-Allied and Agribusinesses in Ogun State


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