i. Civil/ Public Servant: Establishment of Civil/Public Servant Agricultural Scheme to encourage about 30,000 public/civil servants into cluster farming through Civil/Public Servants Farming Scheme with allocation of at least one hectare for arable and less for livestock farming.

ii. Greenhouse: Establishment of Greenhouse facility across the State to promote all year production of vegetables and spices.

iii. Cotton:
a)Establishment of two-double roller cotton ginnery that will employ 1,500 staff and create over 1000 indirect employment.
b)Establishment of 10,000 hectares of Cotton Plantation at Iwoye-Ketu.

iv. Cassava: Establishment of 15,000 hectares of Cassava farms.

v. Rice:
a)Establishment of 3,000 hectares of Rice enclave.
b)Fix existing irrigation systems to enhance rice production.

vi. Maize: Establishment of 7,000 hectares of Maize farms.

vii. Fisheries: Establishment of Fish farm estates in 500 (twin) earthen ponds to produce 1 million table size fish at Imasayi and Ayerose (Ajebo).

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