How can I get agricultural Land in Ogun State?
  • Obtain an application form from the Ministry or visit Ogun State Website (ogunstate.gov.ng/onestopshop/resources/) to download application form and the requirements for land allocation.
  • Submit completed application to Room 247, Ministry of Agriculture Block D, Oke-Mosan.
  • Depending on the size of land being requested, you may be required to attend a land allocation interview. Thereafter, a letter of Provisional Approval will be issued, stating the conditions to be met before the issuance of a final letter of allocation.


How much land can I get?
  • Land allocation to individuals ranges between 0-19 ha depending on the enterprise to be undertaken. Corporate allocation also varies depending on the enterprise. Land can be allocated within the 3 senatorial districts where the State already has agricultural acquisition.
How much does land cost?
  • Agricultural land in Ogun State is not for sale. It is on lease which is valid as long as ground rent is paid and the purpose for which the land is given (agriculture) is adhered to. The maximum lease period is 45 years
What is a Feasibility Report/Farm Development Plan?
  • Feasibility report describes the proposed project and justifies its technical, economic, social and financial viability of the proposed project.
  • Farm Development Plan describes the implementation plan of the project and the timeline.
What is the next step after allocation?
  • Issuance of provisional letter of allocation.This is the letter that conveys the approval for allocation of land by the State Agricultural Land Allocation Committee to a successful applicant.

The letter requires the successful applicants to fulfil the following conditions before the final letter of allocation is issued:

  1. Submission of a Perimeter Survey Plan
  2. Crop enumeration (where applicable) carried out by the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Payment of compensation for the enumerated economic crops under the supervision of officials of the Ministry of Agriculture
  1. Submission of Farm Development plan.
  • Issuance of Final Letter of Allocation. This letter is issued once the requirements in the provisional letter of allocation are met.
What is Perimeter Survey?
  • It is the survey of the land allocated to an investor. This is usually carried out by Bureau of Lands and Survey at a fee obtainable at the Agency.
What is Crop Enumeration and Crop Enumeration Service Charge?
  • Crop Enumeration is an evaluation process to determine the value of economic crops/plants found on the portion of land allocated to the beneficiary. The Ministry of Agriculture has a standard rate per crop, which is reviewed periodically. The value obtained will be paid to croppers/farmers on the portion enumerated before the allottee can move to site for operations.
  • Crop Enumeration Service Charge is the fee paid to the State Government for rendering the crop enumeration exercise. The rate ranges between N1,000 and N2,500 per hectare, depending on the size of land involved and may be reviewed by Government as situation demands.
What is Crop Compensation and can it paid in tranches?
  • Crop Compensation is the value of crops/plants paid to croppers/farmers on the land allocated to beneficiaries as a result of crop enumeration. The evaluation is carried out by officials of the Ministry.
  • Crop compensation must be paid in one tranche and not later than six (6) months from the issuance of Provisional Letter of Approval.
Where can I get Agricultural land in the State?
  1. Aiyepe Agricultural Acquisition
  2. Owowo Agricultural Acquisition

iii. Onipepeye Agricultural Acquisition

  1. Ajebo Agricultural Acquisition
  2. Imala/Tiboh/Olorunda Agricultural Acquisition
  3. Odojobore Agricultural Acquisition

vii. Oluga/Odeda/Ogunmakin road Agricultural Acquisition

viii.Ifonyintedo/Itoro Agricultural Acquisition

  1. Imeko/Idofa Agricultural Acquisition
  2. Odogbolu/Imodijasin/Ososa/Ibefun Agricultural Acquisition
  3. Apojola Agricultural Acquisition

xii.Itele Agricultural Acquisition

xiii. Joga/Isaga/Ilewo-Orile Agricultural Acquisition

xiv. Oja-Odan/Ilase Road Agricultural Acquisition

  1. Eggua/Igan Alade Agricultural Acquisition
Can one obtain C of O on agricultural land?
  • Yes, once the requirements are met. The requirements are listed below:
  1. Report of active performance and full utilization of land to be produced by the Ministry.
  2. Copy of the Application form for Agric Land.

iii. Provisional and Final Letters of Allocation (Copy)

  1. Application letter for Certificate of Occupancy.
  2. Application form for C of O from (Bureau of Lands and Survey) dully sworn to at the High Court Registry, Abeokuta.
  3. Submission of the Certificate of Incorporation

vii. Submission of the Article of Association and Memorandum of Understanding.

viii. Current copies of Tax Clearance Certificate for three consecutive years.

  1. Copies of Annual Ground Rent receipts to date
  2. Copies of Development Levy Receipts for three consecutive years.
  3. Four original copies of the Survey plan.
Do I need to carry out EIA (Environmental impact Assessment) on the project plan to implement on the land?
  • It is necessary for activities that may result in significant changes to the environment, but if in doubt consult Ministry of Agric who will advise on what to do
Is the land allocated to me transferrable to another person?
  • No, the land is not transferrable.