Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme (OGADEP) was launched in February 1986. OGADEP is the Agricultural Extension Agency of the State Government charged with the responsibility of improving farmers’ technical knowledge and skills, promoting the adoption of improved agricultural production practices along the entire value chain, provision of rural infrastructures that support Agriculture, thereby facilitating increased agricultural production and industrialization in line with the agenda of the Government.

Extension Service Delivery

OGADEP operates a Unified Extension Service Delivery System using the Training and Visit (T & V) system of a gender-neutral extension programme through regularly trained and adequately motivated staff. This is to facilitate increased food production, productivity and incomes of farmers estimated to be over 360,000 farm-families.

Major Strategies Employed

  1. Implementation of a combination of supply and demand-driven extension/advisory services through regularly trained and adequately motivated staff.

  2. On-farm adaptive research.

  3. Bottom-up, participatory community planning concept.

  4. Results-based Extension Services with critical appraisal indicators.

  5. Value-chain promotion.

  6. Promotion of dry season food production potentials by developing small scale irrigation facilities.

  7. Promotion of (advocacy for) lowland-rice cultivation to boost overall output in Ogun State in consonance with the rice-transformation agenda.

  8. Conduct of studies/surveys as basis for creating a data base for planning purposes and decision making.

  9. Fostering institutional linkages/synergy for enhanced rural transformation.

Supply-Driven Extension & Advisory Services

Supply-Driven Extension & Advisory Services runs on the following:

  1. A single line of command with clearly defined duties at each level;

  2. Well-defined geographical boundary of operations for each extension worker;.

  3. A supervisor to extension agent ratio of not more than 1:8,

  4. Time-bound nature of activities;

  5. Regular and continuous training;

  6. Support and involvement of research to develop realistic technical messages with feed-back on adoption responses from farmers; and

  7. Extension linkage with virile delivery system.

To be effective, OGADEP’s extension system benefits from research through:

  1. Technology Review Platforms (TRF) (former MTRM) with field visits

  2. On-Station and On-Farm Adaptive Research trials

  3. Training of extension staff

  4. Field visits

Extension Concepts Deployed

Extension workers at OGADEP work using the following concepts:

  1. Contact farmer/point

  2. Contact groups

  3. Visit scheduling

  4. Monthly Trainings (MTs)

  5. MTP establishment

  6. Field Days, Farmers Field Schools (FFS)

  7. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

  8. Farmers Business School (FBS)